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OK-Vise® Single-Wedge Pull-Down, Serrated Clamp

In addition to holding the workpiece in place, pull-down clamps also generate pull-down action, pressing workpieces down onto the fixture.

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Part NumberA MinA OptimumA MaxBCDEGSocket Head Screw DIN 912Clamping Force of Jaws kN (lbs)Tightening Torque Nm (ft/lbs)Weight in g (lbs) approx.Hardness of Jaws HRC X
27293129222173M8x2025 (5620)44 (32.4)68 (0.15)48-52
424549413230104M12x3065 (14,612)145 (107)270 (0.60)48-52
1.651.771.931.611.261.180.390.161/265 (14,612)145 (107)0.6048-52
5761655640.54211.55M16x40110 (24,729)360 (265)620 (1.37)48-52

DK2-VTI-PD measures given in inches and pounds.